• Get Luminance has been developed from research and uses image analysis to calculate luminance.

  • Get Luminance measures what is ‘seen’ by a camera (as shown in a photograph) and more indicative of what is experienced by users.

  • It measures luminance in the prevailing light conditions, (rather than the pure colour with a controlled light source - the basis of most colorimeters).

  • Get Luminance includes the 4 main calculation methods used worldwide.

The aim is to:

Provide and maintain good luminance contrast to create environments that are easier and safer to use by everyone.

Provide a cost effective and easy-to-use tool.

Facilitate assessing building compliance in commercial and public buildings and the public realm.

Assist designers identify compliant designs during the design process.

Support maintenance and asset management of existing assets.

Demystify luminance contrast and make it a mainstream concern.